About Richard Whittington Photography

"A life-long interest in travel and photography has turned into a new business --Richard Whittington Photography. After buying, art directing, and using photography in graphic design for almost 30 years, I purchased a professional camera a few years ago and began taking more of my own photographs. At first, photography was simply a compulsion to archive fantastic travel experiences and exotic destinations; essentially a way to remind myself I was really there and something really did happen... I can prove it, I've got a picture! As I have become older, it has turned into something more than that. It is as though the world has grown smaller and time is accelerating--profoundly changing both the natural world and the human experience. Photography affords a unique opportunity to capture moments in time that allow reflection on these changes attendant to life's sadness, richness, beauty, joy, and tragedy." --Richard Whittington
Richard Whittington, a native Texan, and graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, is creative director and principal of Whittington & Company--an Austin based graphic design firm specializing in publication design. Richard Whittington has designed, art directed, or provided creative direction for numerous publications, and publishing businesses for more than 30 years.