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Our local guide in North Dakota was named Ron Martin and he was a wonderful character. Ron had a business making injection molded engine parts but you could tell his heart was in birding. While Ron was soft-spoken and very low-key you could tell he was very excited to have us there to show around—like a man in the desert that has just found an oasis. <br />
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Ron actually saved my trip. Early on, the SI joint in my lower back had tightened up causing me some discomfort. By the time we got to Minot I was Googling the local chiropractors but was stymied by the Memorial  Day holiday weekend. I asked Ron if he had any chiropractor friends. He thought quietly for a moment and said, ‚"Let me take a shot at it."<br />
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Ron picked me up from behind with my arms folded over my chest, gave me a shake, and fixed my back.